Digital Technology and India

All of us know that we are living in a technological world. In India, everything is changing into digital. But how many of you known about digital technology.

We always like to watch TV but did anyone thinks about how the visual and audio plays on the TV? Yes, I know most say “no” to this question. It is made possible by transmitting the digital signal through satellite and the signal received is converted into audio-visual. Now let’s talk about the digital technology. It is a base two process. The information is stored as binary codes ( the combination of 0 and 1 ). Any storage items such as text’s, images… can be stored as digital. The digitalization speeds up the transmission.

In India, our government is trying to make our country digitalized. The main aim of “Digital India Campaign” is to make our country fully digital. Digital money letting the people use their debit cards, credit cards, and digital wallets for payments the government teaching all the countryman to use the smartphone effectively. Frankly, we can say that digital India has a great significance in our society. As I pointed out above the digitalization speeds up the transmission it speeds up the country in its growth. Let’s see the pros and cons of digital payments.


 1) Smooth transferring of money

By using digital ways such as debit card, credit card… we can smoothly handle our money.

2) Security

The base of digital payment is very secure because of the use of the password . Nowadays we can even use our fingerprints as the password.


Very fast payment is made through digital payment. If you are using a card just swipe and enter the PIN . that’s it you have done all in a while.

4)Economic development

As we moving to digital payments all the money is transferring through the bank there will be data based on the money transfer. Though the corruption may end as the people afraid of legal evidence and this will be good for our economic development.


1) Restrictions

Each payment system has a limit based on their privacy and policy, so we can’t transfer more than allowed.

2)Extra pay while using the card

While using debit and credit card at POS terminal we have to pay some extra cash as service charges. This leads a negative effect while using the cards at POS terminal.

3) There is no unique payment platform

This may be very difficult to transfer the money while using different platforms. This is a negative effect of digital payment.

4)The necessity of Internet

The internet is must while making payments digitally. Even now there are villages not met with basic internet facilities.

The “Digital India Campaign” is not at all started to make payments digitally. The campaign is launched to transform the whole India digitally. Under the campaign, the government is offering free Internet by introducing high-speed WiFi hotspot across all the panchayats through Optical Fiber Cable (OFM ).The campaign has raised an amount of 1,13,0000 cores for digitalization of India. The government is planning to start IT Park across the country. Digital empowerment of every citizen is the key factor of the campaign.

So far we can see a tariff war against the different Telecom operators in India by the arrival of Reliance jio and its welcome offer . This leads a most important role in digitalizing our country . The high speed Internet available at a very low price and even at free of cost leads the people to access the Internet and also the currency demonetization force the people to use many wallets such as paytm , freecharge…. Even demonetisation comes to an end the trend of using digital wallets remains. The government has also developed a payment application called BHIM. This is how India is going to be digitalized. Anyhow did anyone thinks of the numbers (0 and 1) responsible for all the changes.

We can see that the digital technology is very good in our daily life. The India is also moving aside to the digital technology. In my view digital India will be a good in initiative as the technology is developing day by day. Let me know what’s your view about “Digital India Campaign” in the comment section….

This article was written by Joyal Jose Scaria .


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